Process plant and care rooftop vegetable

Cultivators application for instructions on how to plant and how to take vegetables fresh vegetables after planting on the terrace, balcony at home. Easy to do, do not take much time, less expensive are the advantages of this approach. Everyone can easily be done at home without the assistance of the technicians.
Planting and tending processes vegetables on the balcony, terrace


Step 1: Prepare the materials needed to grow vegetables

Vegetable pots: pots used exclusively, with plastic mesh smart design create breathable and drainage section below does not help water retention basin and flood water when growing vegetables.
Vegetable growing land: land type dedicated to growing fresh vegetables, have more nutrients. Select alluvial soil mixture + feces or soil earthworm Tribat to vegetables thrive when grown without chemical fertilizer was. Lands not need replacing longtime regular soil.
Vegetable seeds: Selection of vegetable seeds for seasonal, easy to grow vegetables such as spinach, cabbage, vegetables spices …

Step 2: Mix 50% + 50% alluvial soil earthworm feces (or 50% Tribat soil, organic scaffold platform). Pour the vegetables into the pot soil from pots 2 cm, flattened.

Step 3: Growing vegetables in pots

Seedlings have 3-4 true leaves to planting, tree, healthy, not diseased.
Water soaked into the soil before planting.
Growing seedlings in rows, as the vegetables, potted plant that size layout suitable planting distance.

Step 4: Take care after planting vegetables

Using a smart irrigation system like drip irrigation or low-pressure sprinkler rain, sprinklers or spray to irrigate crops.
Watering 2 times a day in the morning and evening for the summer. It should not be watered in the hot midday sun.
1 times daily watering in the evening for the winter. It should not be too much for the tree watered.
Take care of:
When trees take root in green (7-10 days after planting) should spray addition of bio-organic fertilizer periodically 7-10 days / times. Can I use organic products or worms into the water soak distributed in proportion of 1 kg for 3 liters of water distributed worm then filter water and provide irrigation water to the plant worm feces.
After harvesting the worms we add fertilizer into the bucket so that the separation of the pot is about 2cm and vegetables to plant for the next round.
Pest control:
After planting vegetables from 1- 2 days we started spraying liquid herbal pest prevention.
To prevent pests effectively we spray every 4 days 1 times, each 5 mL spray dryer with 1 liter of water to 10m2 vegetable spray.

Step 5: Harvest

The leaf vegetables harvested after growing around 20-25 days. Uprooting the whole plant or a knife cut to the root for the tree to sprout again.
Tree root vegetables and fruit: harvest after planting about 1-2 months.
After each harvest should add humus worms.
For beginners Trimmers vegetable cultivators and dried to 2-3 sunny, additional fertilizer mixture into the bucket of worms and soil 2cm from your mouth.